Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Filing an injury claim following a minor auto accident sounds off whistles and bells within the insurance community. After all, the in general, the collective facts just don’t add up: minimum damage to car, extensive injuries, requiring ongoing treatment and medical treatment, incurring thousands of dollars in medical payouts? Uh-uh!

With tens of billions of dollars in accumulative losses for the insurance companies as a result of fraud, the general public suffers as well, says one highly regarded insurance professional that deals with workers comp and auto coverage. In the final analysis, the resulting theft – and according to the industry, there’s nothing that comes closer to defining what shysters do in this regard – is the one underlying factor that contributes to a significant rise in policy premiums. To sum it up, when the insurance companies lose, we all do.

Well, if this is the case, is it any wonder then that special investigative teams conduct targeted investigations into insurance claims that seem suspicious? In regard to injuries claimed as a result of a car collision with minor damages, the following points are under extensive review.

Insurance companies place extraordinary focus on claimants that:

a) Are involved in an accident that results in little damage to the car, but extensive injuries

b) Need prolonged medical care before visiting a doctor trained as a specialist

c) Undergo ongoing treatment as per the advice of a general practitioner, but without a referral from a specializing physician

d) Are assessed via an MRI, Cat Scan or other form of diagnostics right after the accident without first being diagnosed by a doctor

e) Require hospital stays or are operated on immediately following the accident, raising suspicions about medical conditions that may actually predate the collision incident

f) ‘Suffer’ from injuries that are not typical in relation to any minor-impact crash that occurred

g) Are not given advanced treatment that include injections, discograms or any other advanced form of therapy usually given to patients suffering injuries of a serious nature

h) Experience degenerative problems, indicating the issues existed even before the accident and are a result of aging, and/or other physical influences

For the most part, insurance investigators do what they are trained to do: uncover the incongruities that will count out significant injuries that in fact are not that. In line what was already mentioned, the necessary process helps the companies eliminate payouts for fraudulent claims – saving all of us money… and a great deal of it.