Wed. May 31st, 2023

Inside story about auto, workers comp and other accident insurance claims

So here’s the scoop in regard to your auto, workers comp, disability or any policy that includes accident coverage.

Insurance companies, if you do not realize, are not willing to lose money. In fact, the real agenda behind being in business is to make money in the way of profits. Now, because related studies demonstrate the presence of significant insurance fraud – something that amounts to the tune of about $30 million in losses for the industry that is passed on as well as to the customers – insurance providers in general choose to do as much as legally permissible to thwart false claims related to liability.

To that end, the industry invests quite highly in several means that monitor a claimant’s activities so as to verify the accuracy and validity of an injury call. Though the vast majority of those bringing a related claim honestly suffer from the injury that is cited, as a preventive course, anyone is subject to suspect.

After you submit a claim, your insurance company may do one or more of the following:

• Search your social media accounts for any reference to your accident

• Scrutinize your medical records to see if there are any inconsistencies

• Interview witnesses of the accident

• Speak to your employer to hear his take on your work activities and how it relates to your injury

• Hire professional investigators to spy on you and gather any evidence that indicates you are lying

Insurance sources will be on the lookout for any contradictory evidence. For instance, if you say your leg has been broken and investigators check in with your tweet about running in your kids’ school-sponsored picnic race that features you winning the gold star after crossing first in the finish line, you will definitely find yourself in real hot water!

Of course, for the honest claimant, there should be nothing to be afraid of in regard to ongoing insurance inquiries. Nonetheless, it’s important to go by the guidelines listed below:

1. Be as accurate as you can when describing your injuries in the claim, as well as when you describe them to family or friends

2. Don’t post claim info online in full view of public’s eye

3. Follow doctor’s instructions regarding limited physical activity

For more about auto injury and workers comp claims, contact a qualified and experienced independent insurance agent that deals with many of the leading underwriters in the industry.