Medicare Advantage Provider Networks – Which Type Is Best?

Medicare Advantage provider networks are not created equal One of the biggest factors that can affect how you use your Medicare Advantage Plan and receive benefits is the plan’s provider network. Many people make a common mistake about their plan’s provider network: They only check to see if their providers are included. But there’s a… Continue reading Medicare Advantage Provider Networks – Which Type Is Best?

Vision Insurance Plans

Visiting a qualified eye care professional for a routine eye examination is crucial to ensuring the long-term health of the eyes. The high-costs of eye examinations can often leave a strain on the families’ finances if one of the vision insurance plans isn’t in place. And the cost-effective plans are easy to arrange and cover… Continue reading Vision Insurance Plans

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Long Term Care Financing

Covering the rising cost of long term care has been a subject of much debate and discussion for a number of years now. And if the past is any indication the subject should stay in the limelight for years to come. Nursing home costs on our area average $150.00 per day for custodial care and… Continue reading Long Term Care Financing

Medicare Donut Hole

The Medicare Donut Hole is the gap between the initially covered limit for the prescription drugs and the minimum threshold for the catastrophic coverage. This means is that once you exceed the prescription medication coverage limit you must finance the entire cost of the medicines until your expenses reach the catastrophic coverage level. The limits… Continue reading Medicare Donut Hole

Best Auto Claims Management Services for 2017

The auto insurance industry believe it or not today is plagued by certain monetary depression, due to lack of expertise and management issues. Auto insurance claims management services though seems to be an easy process from the outset, but has many complexities that needs to be legitimately handled by dedicated partnering insurance firms to boost… Continue reading Best Auto Claims Management Services for 2017

Injury Insurance Claim After a Minor Auto Accident? Really?!

Filing an injury claim following a minor auto accident sounds off whistles and bells within the insurance community. After all, the in general, the collective facts just don’t add up: minimum damage to car, extensive injuries, requiring ongoing treatment and medical treatment, incurring thousands of dollars in medical payouts? Uh-uh! With tens of billions of… Continue reading Injury Insurance Claim After a Minor Auto Accident? Really?!