Sun. May 28th, 2023

What is Individual Vision Insurance?

It is a type of insurance that covers areas specific to your eyes. Eye care can be notoriously expensive, and this type of health insurance gives you several benefits that help bring down the costs.

Typically, it covers regular eye exams and related treatments, along with a specific amount in dollars to pay for eye glasses and contacts. A few policies might also cover advanced surgical treatments such as LASIK.

Anybody who has got glasses made or bought contacts, or even had a routine eye exam done knows how ridiculously expensive eye care can be. Lenses alone costs hundreds of dollars, while their frames are even more expensive. Add to that the delicate nature of these glasses (I tend to break mine every once or two months), and you are looking at thousands of dollars spend on eye care every year.

Considering the amount of strain our eyes get these days courtesy of computers and TV screens (most people spend almost 10 hours a day before a screen – a computer, or a TV), incidences of eye sight loss or weakening have been increasing every day. Along with this, the cost of eye care has been rising constantly too, owning to greater demand and limited supply. Individual vision insurance makes things easier by helping you pay for all these treatment options along with glasses, frames, and contacts.

Individual vision insurance acts as a supplement to your regular health insurance policy. A regular policy can aid you financially in case of any damage or injury to the eye, but cannot provide financial aid for eye exams, etc. These are areas covered by individual vision insurance policy. It is a wellness benefit designed specifically to take care of the eyes.

If you have poor eye sight and spend an enormous amount on eye exams, glasses, frames, and contacts, this is one policy you should definitely consider getting. It can save you thousands of dollars every year, and give you some peace of mind.